26 Powerful Morning Affirmations To Start Your Days

26 powerful morning affirmations

Do you want to start the right way, full of energy and a positive mindset?
These morning affirmations are a go-to if you do care about yourself
You may even wonder why you would need these affirmations. Well it’s just a way of reassuring yourself that you’ve got a great day ahead of you.
This is a list of affirmations that will help you attract positivity in your life so you can be confident and ready to to take on the day.

Best practices for getting the most out of these morning affirmations

  1. The first and the most important thing is making sure you read these when you wake up. Saying these affirmations before any other thing helps you get the most out of it
  2. The second thing is believing what you say. I guess that’s why it’s called affirmations but there’s no affirmation if you don’t actually believe it.
  3. Repetition. Repeating these morning affirmations means it’s get hard wired into your subconscious mind. So even if you no longer say it, because of so many repetitions your body gets used to it.

Here are the morning affirmations to kick off your morning

  • I am beautiful, strong and powerful
  • I am grateful for all that I have, all that I am and all that is
  • I will make good choices all day using my inner wisdom
  • I inspire those around me
  • Today wonderful things will unfold before me
  • I feel positive in every cell of my body
  • Today, good things will come easily and freely to me
  • Today will be a perfect day
  • I am becoming better everyday
  • Today I will attract a deeper and appreciation
  • I am limited by nothing and have unlimited potential
  • I choose peace and harmony as my way of life
  • Good things will flow into my life today
  • Today I will attract success, abundance and well-being
  • Everything is going to work out for my highest good
  • I am in full control of my life and enjoy it with every fiber of my being
  • My day will be filled with love and prosperity
  • My body is vibrant and healthy
  • I welcome today with open arms
  • I start everyday off on the right foot
  • I will spread and attract love everywhere I go
  • I have total confidence in my ability to achieve
  • I have everything I need to solve any challenges that arise
  • Today will be a beautiful adventure
  • Wonderful things will happen to me today
  • Everything is going to work out for my good

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