6 Best Push-Up Variations For Bigger Chest Muscle

best push up

Push-up is one of the most effective bodyweight exercise used to build your triceps, chest muscles, a bit of back muscles, some stabilizing muscles and your core. Sometimes, the regular push-up becomes boring or maybe you are fit enough to execute harder variations to get the chest you ever wanted.

Either way and for whatever reason, even if its to impress that girl. Here 8 push-ups that’ll give you that big chest.

Spiderman push-up

If you’ve seen the movie then this will be a little bit easier. Assume push-up position, lower your body, move your right hand forward and and bring your left leg forward till your knee almost touch your left elbow. Drop your leg and do it the other way so you can move forward.

Clap push-up

Assume push-up position, push yourself as high and as fast as you can and clap while your hand is off the ground. And there you have clap push-up.

Staggered push-up

This one is really challenging for someone who is up for it. Try switching your hand in a staggered position and jumping at the same time.

Double knee tap

Don’t forget to engage your lower abs and lift your butt while doing this.

Decline push-up

Look a for a chair or an elevated platform not more than knee height. Put your leg on this platform and your hands on the ground. Maintain a good posture and keep your body straight. Engage your ab and lower back muscles to aid your movement.

One arm push-up

Just like the name suggests. Do push ups but with one arm behind you. This push-up variation is one of the hardest and most effective. Spread your feet wide apart enough to support your weight.

Sooner or later, people will start seeing that bodyweight workouts is a better alternative to the gym.

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