9 Ways To Get A Perfectly Chiseled Jawline

A few things contribute to the lack of definition of a jawline. Ranging from genetics to heavy reliance on junk food. Lack of regular exercises and lifestyle. Today, is your lucky day because I will be sharing a few things that can help you get the the perfect chiseled jawline that you dream of.

1. Smile More

A simple yet effective method of getting a defined jaw is smiling. Smiling extends your cheek bone thus making it contract and relax. It does not only gives you a defined cheek, it is also a great mood enhancer.

2. Drinking water

water is able to prevent dehydration and flush unhealthy toxins from the body thus giving you a youthful and defined face.

3. Massage your face

Massaging is a good way to aid the circulation of blood and your face is not an exception. You are advised to work your fingers into your face few times. Always go from the ground up to prevent sagging.

4. Exercise your face

A simple move such as head twists, repeatedly opening and closing your mouth and the funny faces you make when taking selfies helps in getting a defined jawline.

5. Chewing gum

Hands down, this is the most fun to do exercise for a chiseled jawline ever. This is very effective as it requires a lot of jaw muscles. The repeated movement is where the magic is.

6. Contouring

This is one of the simplest way of getting the perfect face you want. It can help to shape the nose as well.

7. Eat less salt

Salt when consumed in excess affects the skin and promote bloating. Try to skip munching on junk food all day.

8. Clench your teeth

Try clenching your teeth for 10 seconds. You should feel a little bit of discomfort. Do this for about 5-10 times. You should see your face tone up.

9. Have a good night sleep

Not getting enough sleep will make you tired and your face bloated. At least, 8 hours of sleep is required to prevent this.

Have a nice day.

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