Best Energizing Juice For Your Workout-Bodybuilding Juice

Best juice
Best Juice

To maintain a healthy physique, you don’t need just great workout and fancy equipments. as a matter of fact, you need more than those things and most importantly you need a balanced diet and to get a balance diet is not all to the food you eat but also what you drink(I.e best juice). But today we going to be looking at best juices you drink for your workout.

Along with your workout program whether it is to lose weight or to gain weight, you have to learn few juicing basics to get the best out of your diet and nutrients

Apple Juice

It medium-sized up is packed with vitamin c, soluble fibre and a few other things that helps you control your body sugar levels and overall health. Besides the aforementioned benefits, taking fresh apple juice before workout keeps you fresh and sharp throughout your workout session.

Tomato Juice

Yeah you read it right, tomato is in fact a fruit. Very much like Orange, tomato also has vitamin c which helps the body in a lot of ways. To increase testosterone levels and prevent inflammation, you should probably take tomato juice before workout. It might not taste all that good🙈 but it sure does you a lot of good.

Apple-Watermelon Juice

Your kidney will thank you. Why? Because this formula of juice helps to clean up your kidney which in turn, helps you produce several hormones and higher testosterone while aiding the ability to gain lean muscle mass.
Just a inch thick slice of watermelon and 2 normal size apples should be enough.

Pomegranate Juice

This is one of my favourite juice. I would like to save it for last but I don’t want you to be bored before you get there 🙂
Pomegranate juice is full of Vitamin C and a lot of nitrate which will help boost your performance by increasing circulation to the muscle and aiding muscle recovery. This all leads to more training hours with full energy, so no artificial stuffs are needed 🤧.

Grape Juice

This is the go-to for athletes who wants lean but big muscles. A glass of grape juice is packed with Vitamin C and

immensely low calorie and other micro nutrients. Take this after workout to help increase fibres in the body and lower cholesterol.

Orange Juice

I would assume we all know a few things about oranges. Like it is a great source of Vitamin C, which is a major thing for your immune system. What you may not know is by adding lime and lemon, you will get a recipe which helps replace electrolytes in your body after a rigorous workout. So stop using sport drinks which only benefit the producers (they make a ton of money from it), try this instead. 1 apple, 2 kale or chard leaves, 1 peeled orange, 1 organic lime with the skin and 1 organic lemon with the skin. Add Celtic sea salt to taste.

The sport drinks won’t cut it. They may look good and probably taste good but they are also probably doing more harm since it has a lot of artificial ingredients in it. Instead, try the mentioned juices and your body will thank you.

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