Get a skinny waist and a big butt with this simple workout

A lot of women dream of having the perfect body but very little get the hourglass shape of their dreams because of few things. Some of them are not ready to put in the work and quit eating junk, but for people like you that is ready and willing to do the work to get the perfect skinny waist and big butt, I have the perfect workout that will do the trick. You just have to make sure you stick to the workout routines and try to eat healthy 😏.

Warm up

Before we get down to building your perfect waist and butt, we have to make sure that your body is ready for what’s about to happen and to do this, you need a little warm-up

Hip rotations

To do this, place your hands on your hips and move your hips around in circles, pushing forward, to the left, to the back, and to the right. Do this for 15 seconds in a clockwise rotation and another 15 seconds in anticlockwise rotation.

Jumping jacks

Stand straight with your hands by your side, jump up while moving your hands over your head and clap with your legs spread to shoulder width, jump up again and bring your hands down by your side with your legs together. Do this for 30 seconds.

Knee raises

While standing straight, bring up your right leg to hip height, return it to the ground and do the same for your left leg. You can make it a bit harder by changing the speed. Do this this for 20 seconds.

Get a skinny waist

These exercise will help reduce your belly fat, tighten your abs and improve your overall core strength

Side plank with hip lifts

Lay on your side and use your elbow as a a stand for your upper body while your legs will support your lower body. Lower your hips and bring it back up 15 times, then switch to the other side.


Lie down on the floor or a mat, facing down. Use your bent elbows and your feet as a support. Bring up your hips and try to keep a straight body with your core tightened. Hold this for as long as you can but try to increase your duration by 10 seconds in every workout session to aim for 2 minutes.

Hula hooping

Now this may seem like something you used to do as kids for fun but believe me, this is really effective when it comes to trimming your waist and and burning fats in the abdomen. A lot of fitness experts recommend this for anyone trying to get a skinny waist. It is even more effective with a weight.

Get a big but

You know an hourglass shape is not complete without a big booty, so here’s a workout to get those peaches growing


This one is very important if you want a skinny waist and a big butt, it is the full package as it involves your abs, core, glutes and thighs. Lay down with your back on the floor, bring in your legs with your knees pointing to the ceiling. Raise your hips so your knees and your shoulders are in line. Try to hold the position for 2 seconds at the top and bring your hips back down. Do 30 reps.


To do this, stand straight and take a big step forward with your left leg, bend your knees at a 90° angle, and leave your right leg behind. Switch legs and make the same steps with your right leg. You want to do 15 reps per leg.

Sumo squat

Stand upright with your legs 2 times your shoulder width apart, and your toes pointing a bit outward. Slowly lower your body to a squat and when your thighs become parallel with the floor stop, and return to the initial position. You can do weighted sumo squats and sumo jump squats to increase the effectiveness of the exercise and sculpt the perfect butt. Do 20 reps in each sets.

You won’t get a skinny waist and a big butt in a week, it will take months of hard work to reach that perfect body that you want. You have to trust the process and exercise regularly but most importantly, watch what you eat.

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