My First Blog Post-A Fitness Blog With WordPress


                My name is Ogbolo Joshua. I do not see myself as a professional blogger as this is my first self-hosted blog. Although I’ve played around with a few free blogging platforms over the years. Such as WordPress, Wix, Blogger, and squarespace – nothing compares to a self-hosted blog. I am a calisthenics athlete with a few years’ experience.

This a lifestyle blog which is going to feature fitness, tech, and a bit of fashion. There will be changes in the future concerning the topics, I’ll either be adding or removing some topics. The topics here already are definitely going to stick. I don’t have a specific time for posting now but I intend to post at least three time a week and hopefully scale it.

The blog is for anyone seeking fitness help or tech stuff mixed with style and although it is not geared towards any age or gender, it is for people who want answers. It is for ambitious people.

I remember when I started fitness journey, I wasn’t getting bullied or something but I wanted to stand out, I wanted to make a name for myself. Being skinny wasn’t funny anymore. I wanted to know more about technology, I wanted to be engrossed in the specs and hopefully figure out how it works. When it comes to fashion, I had no chance.

I am always a fan of community and open to suggestions. There will be a comment section where you will be able to engage and leave your thoughts, criticisms and requests. I am allowing guest post as well. What’s a blog without networking? There’s a contact page where you can email your questions, disagreements or whatever you feel like talking about.

As a student, I was hoping I could share my own view of things with my own words and hopefully make a few bucks with it to cover some expenses. I don’t know if it is a crazy idea either too big or too small but I hope to get my daily page views to 10,000 in 3 to 6 months

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